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Is Perfume changing over time?

The answer to this question is “yes”. Our Perfumes are made from natural and organic raw materials. You could say that the Perfume is “alive”. Just like a good wine. A wine that ages for years will change.


In color and also in taste. The same happens with our Perfumes. One thinks they are getting better, the other thinks they are getting worse. That's a matter of taste. What do you like? Everyone has to answer that individually.

This “ripening” process manifests itself differently with “the Power of Passion” than with “the Charm of Passion”

The Power of Passion

The hue undergoes alterations with the passage of time. Immediately following production, the Perfume is nearly devoid of color, but as time elapses, the hue deepens.


Gradually, the Perfume transitions into a liquid with a Cognac coloration. The fragrance takes on a slightly more "intense" quality, as described by some. This transformation primarily occurs under the impact of light. Storing it in darkness is the solution if one wishes to maintain the colorlessness of "The Power of Passion."

Oud en Nieuw.png

5 years old


The Charm of Passion

The color undergoes changes in this case as well. While not as pronounced as with "The Power of Passion," it does darken slightly. Initially, it takes on a light yellow hue shortly after production, but over time, this transforms into a slightly deeper shade of yellow. However, another phenomenon occurs.

Certain components of the Perfume have the potential to crystallize, resulting in small white flakes or sediment within the Perfume. Drawing a parallel with honey, a new jar is fluid and transparent, but the sugars in honey can crystallize, causing it to become cloudy and more solid. The solution is simple: heat it briefly to allow it to melt again.

The same principle applies to "The Charm of Passion." Place the bottle in the microwave for 15 seconds, then give it a brief shake, and the flakes will dissolve once more.

Additionally, the fragrance undergoes subtle changes. The "earthy notes" diminish. Generally, this alteration is perceived as an enhancement, although, of course, it remains a matter of personal taste.

Crystallized parts

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