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the Charm of Passion

"the Charm of Passion"

The oil based perfume for women, developed in the Middle East.

With an unexpected, warm and sweet scent you find hints of Musk, Jasmine, Lavender and subtle notes of wood base making this fragrance different and very special.

Unlike most alcohol based perfumes sold in the Western Europe, this perfume is oil based. As a result, the fragrance persists much longer and remains more constant over time. You will be amazed at the sheer length of time that DERQX remains effective.

Oil based perfumes are also more natural to the skin. Alcohol dries and degreases the skin. DERQX does exactly the opposite. People with perfume allergies will discover that this kind of perfume is incredibly skin friendly. You will not only smell irresistable, but your skin becomes supple and smoother.

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Unlike the alcohol-based perfumes, DERQX perfume is applied by dropping a few drops onto the forearm and then gently massaging this into the skin for best results.

The bottle is made of the highest quality crystal glass with a beautifully subtle white accent.

At the bottom of the cap is the glass rod applicator that is used to apply the perfume onto your skin. This guarantees the the correct dose of perfume.

The vial is stored in a beautifully crafted box covered with stylish grey velvet.

DERQX is the ultimate gift for the person who wants something different, something special, something irresistable.


Should you run out of "the charm of passion", please don't panic.
It is possible to refill the vial.
We developed special refills for this.

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