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Irresistable oil based perfumes
that last an 


A new unique Oil-Based Perfume. Irresistible, specialy for you

Passion, Lust, Energy, just a few emotions that define "the Power of Passion".
This scent is different, unique and a little arrogant, yet fresh and progressive.  For the modern man who wants something unique. 
A perfume for men!
Your aura subtly fills the room. This is not an overpowering scent but a measured, refined and irresistible charm.
This is "the power of passion"


Eyes that follow. What's her secret? Affection, warmth, seduction, those are the emotions that "the Charm of Passion" evokes.
Emotions that fit the modern woman. Independent, enterprising, empathetic and developed, that is the woman of today. 
Especially for this woman, this new fragrance is developed.
This perfume is so special, charming and refined.

This is  "the charm of passion"


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