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Oil base vs Alcohol base

Alcohol base

In fact, most of the commercial perfumes sold are actually at eau de toilette strength (usually around 10% aromatics) or cologne (usually around 5% aromatics). Hence, these fragrances are sold in larger bottles and seem to offer more value for money.


These department store perfumes have synthetic fixatives added to help retain the fragrance on your skin. This is because alcohol evaporates quite quickly due to body heat.


Because the alcohol evaporates, the perfume usually appears stronger than it actually is.


The alcohol-based perfumes are usually found in spray versions. An important feature of alcohol-based perfume is the initial scent, which should make it attractive. An advantage of alcohol is that heavy resinous plant substances also dissolve quite easily. Therefore, natural perfumers would be more likely to choose alcohol as a base.

Oil base

An important advantage is that oil-based perfumes do not dry out the skin and are therefore very suitable for dry skin. Some oils have quite a strong odor on their own and so are not used as a carrier.


Often  Jojoba or Fractionated Coconut Oil chosen as a carrier for natural perfumes. The oil-based scent moisturizes the skin, but also ensures that the scent lasts longer on the skin. Oil based perfumes are commonly known as "skin fragrances".


Due to the body temperature, the oil is gradually heated and the scent begins to deepen. The smell is mainly experienced by the wearer himself and those in the immediate vicinity of the wearer. This makes it a good alternative for those who do not want to leave a tail of scent behind (like a comet).

Oil-based perfumes usually come in a smaller bottle, because they have a higher fragrance concentration.

DERQX Perfumes are oriental fragrances and oil based.

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