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Did you know.....


- Smell is the most sensitive sense of man. This is because it is the only sense that is directly connected to the emotional brain.

- Always test perfume on your skin. Every skin smells slightly different.

- At the end of the day your sense of smell is best, so go buy a fragrance!

- When you start to smell scents, you will notice that after two or three scents you no longer smell a difference. It helps to smell coffee beans for a while to neutralize your sense of smell.

- After showering, your skin absorbs the scent better.

- If you use a fragrance daily for a longer period of time, you get used to it and you tend to use more and more. Watch out for this.

- It is best to store perfume in a dark and cool place.

- Perfume consists of 20%-40% fragrance ingredients.
- Eau de parfum consists of 10%-20% fragrance ingredients.
- Eau de toilette consists of 5%-10% fragrance ingredients.
- Eau de cologne consists of 3%-5% fragrance ingredients.

- Rubbing perfume in too hard is not good, you damage the fragrance molecules.

- Perfume lasts longer in summer than in winter.

- Going out in the sun with perfume on can cause red spots on the skin.

- Chanel No. 5 is the best-selling perfume ever.

- Perfume can be divided into 7 different groups:

  • floral scents

  • Fruity scents

  • Woody scents

  • learn scents

  • oriental scents

  • Green scents

  • Fantasy scents

- Most perfumes are made up of top notes, heart notes and base notes:

  • Top notes are the first to smell when you apply perfume. You can smell this in perfumery, for example, which is why they are very important. Top notes are meant to show the character, after ten minutes you can hardly smell them anymore.

  • You can smell heart notes when your top notes are almost gone. Floral scents are often the heart notes.

  • You can smell the base notes at the 'end'. You will start to smell them after about 1 to 2 hours after spraying. Good base notes are for example Sadelwood and Resin.

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